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Phony as a dollar

Like any commodity, money is worth only what people will exchange for it. It’s quite startling for a capitalist nation like our own to have so few citizens educated on the topic of money. The subject is not taught in school, even Harvard or Yale obviously, so most have no idea where money comes from, only that it takes more and more dollars every year to buy the same thing. Why is that?

All wealth is created by labor. If labor builds capital, the paper money (credit) issued to pay for it is made whole, the dollar is backed up with employable assets. If our credit is spent on expense items the new dollars will not be backed up and the dollar becomes worth less, inflated. Pretty simple stuff. Simple but deadly!

So why would we intentionally direct our credit resource into expense items like military spending, healthcare subsidies and the salaries of millions of public employees we can’t afford? Because our government has been taken over by lobbyists for these special interest groups to take advantage of American voter ignorance on the subject.

Here’s the outcome of decades of this fraud – a debt now totaling at minimum 78.8 trillion dollars! The national debt reached $13 trillion last week. Another $15.8 trillion is owed for unfunded Social Security and at least $50 trillion in unfunded Medicare. Consider this if you are among the top 25% of income earners who pay 85% of all federal taxes – you couldn’t pay this debt if ALL your income was taxed away. Oh my!

Bankruptcy always comes as a surprise to those who face it. Don’t count on this phony government to fix it, they’re toast. So what to do now? Well, you can start by not voting for anyone controlled by the major parties. They’re the ones who got us into this mess.