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State of the Union?

Posted on Sunday, January 31, 2010 in Opinion, Political campaign

“In a word, the state of the union is ANGRY! The question for the president 
and for BOTH parties to figure out is, at what?

Because we have a two-party system, the only choice people have if they 
don’t like what’s happening is to vote for the other guy,
 even if the other guy is largely responsible for what’s happening, and the 
guy that’s in there now is in there because of the other guy’s mistakes.

People are angry at deficits, largely run up by the irresponsibility of the 
Bush administration, and topped off by Obama.
 They’re angry that the bankers who got us in this mess are making millions
 while we lose our shirts, thanks mainly to deregulation
 promoted primarily by Republicans (but signed off on by Clinton). They’re 
angry about jobs, but there’d be a lot more of them if the 
stimulus package had been larger, which would have increased the deficit, 
which they’re angry about. They’re angry that Washington 
seems wholly beholden to special interests, so they’re going to vote for the
 party that loves special interests at least as much as the 
party in power now. They’re angry at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which 
were started by the party they just voted out a year ago.
 They’re angry that Obama has accomplished so little of his agenda, so 
they’re going to vote for the party that has unanimously opposed
 every single aspect of it.”

Ed Stein

Ed pretty well sums things up.  Gore Vidal said it too: “It makes no difference who you vote for — the two parties are really one party representing four percent of the people.” There is NO difference in the major parties!

Bring on the comments

  1. Lance says:

    What about the Independent Party of Oregon? Why do we need to join the Progressive party? Doesn’t Oregon already have enough small and ineffectual third parties?

    • Jerry says:

      Good point Lance. I like much of what each of the minority parties stand for and will be seeking co-nominations from them. I don’t like parties in general but the election system requires that one collect 30,000 or so names (no thank you) or be nominated by a party, any party. Well, not bachelor parties. 1,500 members are required to nominate to get on the general election ballot. The Oregon Progressive Party has only 200 members now, hence my plea for more members. Here’s their website:

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  3. LLL3 says:

    It’s what Ralph Nader has been saying over and over again. It’s simply time for people to get out of fear and get those critical thinking synapses going; and it can happen; it can be joyful.

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