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Taxing Business to Death

Businesses do not pay taxes; they COLLECT them! They act as proxies for government agencies and simply add the cost of these taxes to the products and services they sell.  Customers pay all taxes.  Businesses don’t want to be tax collectors. They are forced by laws to do this.

“Let’s stick it to those rich corporations, they’re not paying their fair share!” the politicians say, especially the democrats.   “Let’s stick it to those rich corporations,” the state, county and city bureaucracies say,  “And collect some pay-to-play fees while we’re at it.  Let’s see, what can we dream up next?

I intend to submit legislation to end taxing businesses altogether in Oregon. This will make it much easier and less costly to start a business and make Oregon products and services more competitive with out of state companies. It should attract a flood of new businesses to settle here. Business owners can pay their taxes from personal earnings like everyone else.