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Three good reasons why we MUST get money out of politics.

Posted on Monday, July 26, 2010 in Issues, Political campaign
  1. Elected officials stay so busy keeping their jobs they have little or no time left to actually do their jobs.
  2. Every contribution implies a contract to do what the contributor wants. What contributors want is seldom (if ever) in the public interest.
  3. Almost all of the money given to politicians gets spent on advertising. This distorts the media reporting.

If elected I will issue an Executive Order to ban contributions of any kind to office holders or those seeking office. This will cost the media millions in ad revenue and is why my campaign has been mostly ignored by the media in this election.

I do not believe advertising is a fair or proper way to inform the voters about candidates or issues. An expanded voter’s guide could do this job much better. Candidates for office can simply publish their resumes and ideas without cost. And you wouldn’t have to watch or listen to those phony ads anymore! Good idea, eh?

Bring on the comments

  1. A. Rogers says:

    Mr. Wilson’s sensible, no nonsense approach for running a campaign would restore common sense to politics.

    One wonders when the press/news sold out altogether, sacrificing integrity for money. This election is evidence that even Oregon is not immune to biased reporting, thus depriving voters of choice.