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Wanna Stop Being a Criminal?

I sure would. What’s that you say; you’re not a criminal. Balderdash, we all are. To wit: every taxpayer, willing and unwilling alike, contributes to building nuclear weapons. Right there you’re an un-indicted felon. Your crime? Conspiracy to mass murder. You’re guilty as hell and so am I. If I had the balls I’d refuse to pay that portion of tax and go to jail where I belong.
Smoke pot? You’re a felon in most states. And have you really paid ALL your taxes? We’ve passed enough laws in the past two hundred years to insure that every adult is a felon. The word felon derives from the old English word meaning “villager.” A commoner. A peon. A piss-ant lacking “honor.” Why would we let ourselves be put into this position? Childish ignorance, of course, guaranteed by our public educations.
We don’t have to keep living like this.