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You can afford to lose anything except your health.

I will ban all GM (genetically modified) foods and crops from the state. All the European Union nations have already done this because they are a terrible danger to human and animal health and the environment. I know this is a long film but you won’t have to watch it all to understand why this must be done. Now! Read more

I also will ban the sale of HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup). It too is extremely harmful to our health. It is not a natural sweetener like sugar. The rise in obesity and type II diabetes is directly a result of it. It turns your body to mush. Read more

Public safety is the first order of business for any governor. Failure to exercise and eat right is much more of a threat than serious crime. Serious crime touches a few terribly but how we live our daily lives affects everybody. No, I’m not going to mandate exercise because I can’t enforce it but I can stop the sale of products I’m convinced are dangerous and will do so immediately upon taking office.

This promise will undoubtedly flow money into the coffers of other candidates who accept special interest campaign money. All the more reason for anyone who agrees with what I will do to actively participate in this election. Put up a yard sign. Send this URL to your friends and family, anyone you know. Information should decide elections, not money. The web is a perfect media to foment revolutionary changes, the most democratizing tool ever invented because it lets us talk to each other, not just be talked at by those who can afford air time by selling out to special interests. If you want to know who your next governor will really be – find out where their money comes from. It’s a matter of pubic record.